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Contractor Membership
Membership in the NECA, Ohio/Michigan Chapter has many benefits, such as timely notification of contract and rate changes, participation in the negotiation process, educational opportunities, involvement in governmental issues affecting the electrical contracting industry, representation in labor disputes, and much more. We publish a weekly newsletter, Current, containing information vital to the area. Accredited Representatives may apply to serve on industry committees such as: Labor Management Cooperation Committee, Apprenticeship, Safety & Code, Utility Relations, Trust Funds, By-Laws & Ethics, Curriculum Review, and negotiation committees for Commercial, Residential, Outside Commercial, and Voice-Data-Video.

The NECA, Ohio/Michigan Chapter holds monthly membership meetings, as well as several annual events including an industry Trade Show where Associate Members show off their wares and new technology. Each December, we have a fabulous Holiday Party/Annual Election Meeting.

We regularly hold classes and seminars for electrical contractors, including continuing education classes (Business, Code, Safety, New Technology) to help you stay current with electrical licensing requirements in Ohio (OCIEB) and Michigan.

Other benefits of membership include free usage of Meeting Room for industry related functions and discounted rate for use of our meeting rooms and shelter house for personal usage. These are reserved on first come first serve basis. Invitations to NECA District and National Conventions, and subscriptions to industry publications with the opportunity to submit articles of interest to the membership.

Cost of membership: A one-time application fee of $500.00, Ohio/Michigan Chapter monthly dues of $60.00, National Electrical Industry Fund/AMF service charges (currently .4% of gross payroll and A.M.F. is an additional .4%. NECA members will pay .8% in total.) and annual NECA National dues of $150.00.

Must be a firm or corporation engaged in the business of Electrical Contracting. Electrical Contracting includes the business of erecting, installing, repairing, servicing or maintaining electric lines, wiring, devices, appliances, fixtures, signs or equipment, including purchasing from suppliers and selling or furnishing manufactured parts or products.

Membership application must be approved by the NECA, Ohio/Michigan Board of Directors.

The membership stands in the name of the corporation engaged in electrical contracting. Each member shall have an Accredited Representative listed with the Association, who must be the owner, partner, officer, or hold a responsible position within the company. Each member’s vote (for Chapter elections) is cast by the Accredited Representative.

Associate Membership 
Several years ago, the by-laws of the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) were amended to allow for a non-voting Associate Membership category. The Board of Directors and the membership of the NECA, Ohio/Michigan Chapter discussed this concept and decided to proceed with an Associate Member Program. Associate Members are generally suppliers of goods and construction services to electrical contractors.

Cost of membership: $525.00 annual dues.

Here’s a synopsis of what you can expect to gain through Associate Membership:

  1. Current lists of our member firms, standing committees, and individual contact information.
  2. Attendance at four membership meetings, participation in the summer Trade Show, and an invitation for four to our Annual Holiday Party.
  3. Two invites to June LMCC Golf Outing.
  4. A monthly newsletter, CURRENT.
  5. Use of our meeting facilities for product seminars, contractor briefings, or other industry related functions.
  6. Access to educational workshops and seminars.

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