OSHA Extends Compliance Date for Electronically Submitting Injury, Illness Reports to December 15, 2017

NEC Effective 11-1-17

The State of Ohio has adopted the 2017 National Electrical Code with an effective date of November 1st, 2017. There are many changes that will need to be observed in electrical installations for permits after that date. Any permits prior to the effective date will continue under the 2014 NEC.  A major change is found in Article 210.8(B) GFCI Protection for Personnel, Other than Dwelling Units. This is a significant expansion of GFCI requirements for all commercial installations (all locations other than 1,2 and 3 family).  The list of required GFCI protected locations now includes receptacle outlets in crawl spaces and unfinished portions of basements in addition to the (8) current locations. Also crawl space lighting will be GFCI protected (210.8(E).  Previous codes had requirements only for 125 volt 15/20 amp receptacles. This revision now requires GFCI protection for: (1) All single phase receptacles rated 150 volts to ground or less, 50 amperes or less and (2) All three phase receptacles rated 150 volts to ground or less, 100 amperes or less. This is a major change!  Watch for future updates on the changes that affect you and your installations.